Rabu, 8 Jun 2011

Buttonholer attachment

Ok, this is the continuous series of my presser feet collection.
The buttonholer attachment for industrial sewing machine

The foot physically is huge and heavy. The price that I bought was RM250 which for me is quite reasonable for its function. Further description about the foot, you can refer to here.

As usual, I made a simple video tutorial on how to attach the foot to the machine and how it works.

As my personal note, I like the buttonhole attachment as compare to the buttonhole stitch in domestic sewing machine:
1) easy to use eventho a bit hassle to install
2) can easily sew thick fabric

But one thing the domestic sewing machine win as they can automatically estimate the size of the hole.

OK, thats all. Happy Wednesday, people :)

3 ulasan:

  1. Hi, as'salam.
    Nak tanya, betul ke kalau kita kerap tukar tapak, nanti jahitan kita tak elok?

  2. Salam Honey, tak pernah la plak sy dengar statement tu.. tukar tapak sbb nk suit the usage.. i think kalo guna tapak yg tak berkenaan mebe jahitan akan jadi tak elok.. like using tapak biasa utk jahit suede fabric.. suede fabric must use teflon feet baru stitch kemas dan cantik..

  3. assalamualaikum,,,ada x jual plate tu je??klu ada ble bgtau harga???email sy kat sni zaleaheem@ymail.com