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NeezaNeedles Buckle Tai V2 - Prototype

The current NN-BT is carbon-copy of the NN-MT substituting the long shoulder straps and the waist straps to buckle and webbing. The body panels, sleeping hood and the style of stitching is totally the same. The NN-MT is basically adopting the conventional design of meitai that widely sale in the market.

I've tested most of the buckle tai that I made by wearing Hamza, and in my opinion, the carrier seems to be perfectly fitting him and me. However, feedback that I got from customers mostly due to sizing. Some was happy saying the size is perfectly nice, some commented that the size is a bit big, and some even request for bigger but shorter body panel as their baby like to hands-out rather than stuck in.

At first I'm thinking to come out with two different size of NN-Bt(for baby and for toddler), however when I was busy sketching the design, I suddenly remembered about my first baby carrier (the modern crotch carrier) which the design is simple but baby can freely hands-out when they want. So, I adopted the design with a twist that fit the meitai/buckle tai style - which is more ergonomic compare to the crotch carrier.

The crotch carrier (picture courtesy

Some sketch that I've made:

Later come out with this solution - buckle tai that hopefully can fit well with both baby and big baby.

And started to make the prototype using Zoology fabric from Michael Miller.. hehehe.. I know, I should used normal plain fabric first but I am so sure this is going to work so being impatient, I just used that beauty.. (Alhamdullilah jadi..)

The NeezaNeedles Buckle Tai V2:

So what's the different from NNBTv1:
i. Curved neck rest - which is suitable for baby to sleep as I stuff in that part with hard interfacing and thick span
ii. Foldable neck rest for baby to hands-out, or simply for big baby to freely enjoy their view (without being block)
iii. neck rest is supported with adjustable buckle. Baby can hands-out yet with the neck rest up (not folded)
iv. Omit the sleeping hood - with the existence of the neck rest, the extra fabric of sleeping hood is no longer needed. However, you can request to have the sleeping hood if you want to.

That's all I can think for now.

Now some action picture, Me-Hamza-NNBTv2:

Front carry with sleeping Hamza:

Front view

Front side view - hands in

Front side view - hands out but in-buckled

Back carry (Hamza awake):



*all pictures were taken using phone camera. The fabric is more stunning irl.

The new design will be open for order starting July 2011, as I just place order for the extra small buckle and webbing. I will happily to announce the exact date I can take order (when all the buckles safely arrive at my door).

Ok now the peak info. The price. After calculating here and there, the price will be as quoted below.

Designer / Imported fabric - RM190
Own Fabric for body panel - RM145

OK. If anything you wanna ask about the NNBTV2 feel free to eml me. And ya, if u stay near Putrajaya and wanna have a close look of the BTV2, we can arrange for meeting, ok :)

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  2. hai neeza.. saya baru jer follow blog nih and i tell u what. this blog is so interesting since saya pun bru jer nak berjinak2 dlm bidang jahitan many info yg saya blh dpt. anyway, juz nak wish u gud luck in any project u make..:)

  3. salam neeza... sya G dr kota tinggi,JB. sya b'minat ngan v2 yg latest pnya tu, camne nk oder yer?? bleh dpt sblum raya x coz nk wat dukong ank gi marhaban!

  4. Mama Princess, thanks :)
    G, replied ur eml :)