Khamis, 30 Jun 2011

Wrapping up June

Last day of June is today. So, lets wrap..

Alhamdullillah, after being featured in the local newspaper, rezeki adalah mencurah-curah. Makanya, tak menang tangan. With the fact that I have come back to work, lagila agak busy. Habis blog pun terabai.

Nak tunjuk sikit gambo yang masuk surat khabar tu.. heheehee :)

Cerita pasal kerja, I supposed to coming back to work on 1st May. But since there is no black and white, just a single phone call, I refused to enroll. Then, at the end of May, the office called again asking me to come back on 1st June, which I still don't have heart to go to work, but this time I promised to show up on 15june. Life later became kelam kabut. Berpusing2 sekitar Persint 3 mencari Taska. Alhamdullillah, jumpa jugak.

So, I've been working for two weeks now, and by that short period, I've taken a day leave and 3 days of MC. The kids seems having hard time coping with Taska. After two days, Hamza down with heavy fever and later having campak while Zahra also down with fever with thick green mucus and till today, she still coughing and coughing which makes my night life alive. Penatss.. esp when kids not feeling well, hubby's not around and life is not as relax as previous, ie. when you have to wake up early in the morning, drag the kids into the car, stuck in the traffic, chasing time to make sure the monthly card is not red, fight with your own feeling when the kids starting to cry when you waved them goodbye in front of the taska, and later be alone in your own cubicle doing something that is not fulfilling (as for me la).. And as for this week, I dragging the kids to my work place as the eldest refuse to go to Taska and the small one still not fully recovered from his campak.

They seems to be happy, (with Ummi) :)



A year of single income actually has change our life style. I can say that we are more careful in spending in things that we need rather on the things that we want (and at the end of the day rarely use it). And I can say that my hubby is one lucky man as I, myself is a simple low maintenance woman (heheheee..) - i dont do make-up, single shoe that go for every occasion, still wearing my University baju kurung's (if they fit me) and designer handbag what? .. And on top of that, now, I wear my own made baju, so does Zahra. All I can say is that our life is cukup. Cukup. Tidak lebih, tidak kurang. Memadai.

Oh ya, before that, nak cerita jugak- I celebrate my 32th birthday last 25th June. Lucky, tarikhnya jatuh pada hari Sabtu, thus Hubby is around to celebrate together. 32 this year and I believe I am wise enough in making decision for my life and my future. I am taking that big decision - letting go this job. Yup, surprise-surprise. :) I've think hard. Very-very hard. Istiqharah. And I bumped into the sign. The above article came out the first day I enrolled to job and I knew Allah swt have set something for me, and on the 20th I've tendered my resignation letter. Yup, people. I decided to become a homers - staying home, taking care of the children, and making carriers to generate little income.

This is not the first time I'm letting go a job. I've been working at various places from public school to private hospital to private school and in poultry farm before settling with the 'kerajaan Malaysia'. But of course the feeling was mixed. I remembered telling my friends that this would be my last resort as I need that pension to taking care of meself later when I am old. However, I believed in Allah swt plan. The best is yet to come, insya Allah.

My last day would be somewhere around the corner. Will reveal the date, later.

Ok, I think thats all for now. Thanks for reading, friends..


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  1. Alhamdulillah Kak,
    You have made a wise decision :)
    It's good for the family especially for the children.
    I too, a stay at home mom to...5 kids. Though hidup pun cukup-cukup makan hehe...and just like you, single shoe to any occasion, no make-up, t-shirt to everywhere (malu lak terbongkar rahsia!) hehe...but life is perfect for us.
    Bila tinggalkan anak-anak di Taska, lagi risau kita dibuatnya :( Lebih elok kita jaga sendiri anak-anak. Income walaupun sikit, anak-anak masih tetap cukup makan :) syukur.
    All the best to Kak, moga bisnes makin berkembang dan makin maju. :)

  2. Wish u all d best, neeza! Happy for u :))

  3. Hai niza..hahah akak vss dah hampir 5 tahun.Same problem with u about children and hubby offshore.Akak berenti masa anak ke4.Skrg dah 5.Masa keje baju n kasut tiap-tiap bulan baru.Murah-murah je...hahah tapi maybe rezeki lepas berenti akak guna satu kasut tapi mahal dan branded.tahan 2 tahun.Skrg jahit baju anak2,baju sendiri ,tudung semua sendiri ...

  4. Neeza..
    Akak dah 6thn being a full time house wife.mula2 dulu mcm2 perasaan..paling ketara - rasa rugi- belajar lama2 + perah kepala; at last end up mcm tu aje..paling sedih cukup bulan tak boleh cucuk gaji...hohoho.tapi itu dulu !!now dah ok.(dah happy).byk benda boleh buat sebenarnya..boleh cari income jugak.. walaupun tak banyak..tapi rasa puas + seronok.

    Wish U all the best !!

  5. Salam kak,xpe rezeki dari tuhan x semesti mkn gaji br leh hidup.. semoga bisnes akak maju jaya ^ ^ suka sgt tgk hamza, comel sgt!!

  6. 9/10 punca rezeki adalah dari perniagaan (kata Nabi saw). have faith in Allah swt. insyaallah, duit boleh dicari..

    bila sy baca wall post FB akak ttg anak2 yg sakit bila dihantar ke taska, i knew this could happen. quitting job with steady income is not easy. nnti start dgr bebelan org lain pulak..just don't stress out! rileks..its your life, your decision. your kids need you! i have been a WAHM for a year, SAHM for 4 years. totally cool! :D

    32nd..hehe..wise and mature!! i still have 2 more years to be like you ^^ all the best, xoxoxo..

  7. Really admire your courage and determination Neeza! I hope you will success in your life and business too.

    Yes, it is hard to quit your job and be a fully SAHM..but after thinking about our kids and their future, maybe that is the best decision.

    I might quit my job next year *sigh* and start taking care of everything at home. I really hope this decision will be the best for me and my family! InsyaAllah.

    All the best dear!~ InsyaAllah rezeki ada di mana-mana..

  8. Salam kak, wow...really admire you.. Alaa..miss the newspaper la...mesti byk sgt order bertimpa-timpa...kikiki. Saya bru nk try taking order mcm agak takut x trbuat gak ni. Plis visit my blog ya?
    All the best to you n take care :)

  9. neeza..insya allah semua akan dipermudahkan..

  10. neezaaaaa! good luck for u and i see you can make it lah! congrats also for that big coverage! bangga..

    and i know the feeling bila anak sakit, kite keje tak menentu, omg, sedih tak igt. yeah, Allah knows best, i can see you can do it lah.

    and agree bab spending wisely. kite2 mmg low maintanence punya org, yet berkualiti. thumbs up!!

  11. apa khabar kawan lama..
    happy belated besday wish for both of us.. hehehe..

    insya-allah, nak tempah satu untuk tahun depan, boleh tak??

    good luck and all the best! :)

  12. Great news Neeza! You're progressing well no point holding back kan? All the best Neeza!

  13. all the best neeza.. jangan risau.. i will promote your carrier among my frens.. :P

  14. thumbs up.

    semoga suatu hari nanti aku pun akan mengambil langkah yg sama. ameennn

  15. when my children still small, i always feel guilty being away from them. but as a teacher, my working hours is not that long, plus school holidays (!) hmm.. and most of my income goes to kids' saving account, takaful,etc. now all my kids at school, the guilt has lessen a lot. Alhamdulillah..So friends, don't be too negative about working mothers. as for me, seronok dapat curah bakti, didik anak bangsa. Bayangkan kalau semua wanita tak nak kerja, boleh caya ke lelaki aje kat sekolah jadi cikgu anak kita? we sacrifice a bit ,tolong orang, insyallah, Allah permudahkan urusan anak-anak kita. btw, my girl is her school's top student. syukur.

  16. Hey neeza, heard about this from arin.: )

    Good luck in ur new life. Insya allah you'll do good. The firSt few months will be hard ( not financially) but mentally. Tp i am sure u can do it. Slowly.

    Hi emma, everyone has her own priorIty and roles to play. Working, non working, insya Allah we will all contribute to the family, and country. So keep doing what u r doing.

    Kudos to all mommies!

  17. I wish I could be as strong as u are...My Hubby always wanted me to be a home momma..But i dun have that strength yet...:(

  18. congrats on the news featured. the baby sling looks awesome.
    and goodluck with ur future plan to be SAHM. i wish i will be as strong as u :)

  19. Best of luck Neeza, As long as semua ini kita buat dengan keikhlasan, insyallah pertolong dariNya tidak akan putus.
    Akak percaya being a WAHM pon ada cabarannya, nothing less than a working woman, so kuatkan semangat untuk menghadapinya ok.


    Chaiyok Neeza.. !!!!