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Baju Kurung .. Make it yourself!!!

Old post revisited due to request and since raya is just around the corner.. Enjoy the tutes guys :D


1) Jahit leher baju kurung / Sew baju kurung neck:
Well, basically sewing a baju kurung is very easy. Furthermore, there's a lot of tutorial on how to sew it. So, honestly said, I'm not going to explain the whole process on how to sew (its hard to sew and at the same time to snap pictures and such) BUT I am going to focus on how to sew the neck (as I think this is the most crucial part on making baju kurung).

My style might be different from yours, so if your style is much more easier (to sew), do share it here by leaving some comment. :-) Thank you.

OK, I think that's all. If time permit (insya Allah), I'll make a complete tutorial on how to sew baju kurung. Sorry for the imperfect partial tutorial.


2) Macamana nak potong kain untuk jahit baju kurung / How to cut the 4metre fabrics:

This is how I normally cut the 4meters fabric to be turned to baju kurung. This is basically my size. If you wanna make your own baju kurung, the best way is to refer to a finished baju kurung, measure it by making 1/2inch extra for serging and seam allowance.


3) Baju kurung - Langkah demi langkah / Step by step (Video tutorial)

After being procrastinated for a while, I finally came out with this tutorial on how to make baju kurung, kids baju kurung to be exact and the tutorial kinda different as this would be my debut video tutorial as well. Hehehehe...

So, since this is the first, please excuse the out of focus image and also my mumbling voice. And, btw, the tutorial was recorded in Bahasa Melayu.

Before we jump to the video tutorial, for introduction, the tute was basically for making 2yo sized baju kurung. The measurement as in below:
1. Badan : 11 x 40 inch
2. Lengan: 11 x 11 inch
3. Kekek: 4 x 4 inch
4. Pesak: 4 x 16 inch
5. Kain : 23 x 55 inch

The footage is quite long, so I divided them into 3 part: Part 1- how to put together the kekek to pesak to lengan. Part 2 - putting the Part1 to the badan and how to sew the neck, and final Part 3 is how to sew the kain sarung.

Oh ya, this is also based on my style of sewing baju kurung. If yours is different and pretty much easier, feel free to share your tips on the comment box below :D

Enjoy the tute guys :)

Part 1- how to put together the kekek to pesak to lengan.

Part 2 - putting the Part1 to the badan and how to sew the neck.

Part 3 - how to sew the sarung.

I might be continued with the video tutorial on how to make sarung for adult, but that would be later ok.


*Teknik langkah demi langkah menjahit baju kurung (kanak-kanak) - video tutorial


OK, Hopefully you can make your own / kids baju kurung for this Raya :D..
Thanks for dropping by the blog and leave some comments..

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  1. thanks akak..:D sy mmg follow blog akk :D

  2. bookmarking this!
    thanks neeza :)

  3. thanks la tutorial yg saya cari2..harap2 la berjaya..:)

  4. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you Kak Neeza!...hopefully boleh buat baju sendiri... :D

  5. thanx neezaneedle! great job :D

  6. salam... thks.. refresh my bookmark... aritu da bookmarked... pasal mmg plan nak buat bulan pose nanti...

    tq for sharing...

  7. Dear Neeza, thanks a lot. Really appreciate your effort to compile them :). Ramadhan Mubarak. -kakzeti, NZ

  8. Assalamualaikum Kak Neeza, hepi ramadan!

    Uuu maaf saya tak smpt nak beremail dengan akak dan belajar jahit dengan akak. saya dah start kerja baru jadi weekdays mmg xde can nk ke mana. agak bz sikit.

    suka tgk tutorial baju kurung ni, cuma bila nk cubanye. hehe. thanks kak!

  9. sis, kain yg i beli coraknye pada lebar kain tu so utk badan x boleh potong mcm u buat... how ye? this is my first time trying menjahit :)

  10. So, sesiapa yg ada buat baju kurung using my tute ni feel free to upload me your sewn baju kurung pictures. Sy nk tgk gak.. :)))

  11. berjaya! thanks neeza for the tutorial.. but ada request sikit lah.. camner ek nak jait piping kat baju kurung... buleh ajo ker? hehe

  12. mcp, yeay!!! nak jahit piping. nnt kalo kita buat baju kurung lagi kita tnjk ya.. INsyaAllah :)

  13. Hi neeza,tq for the tute.i did one today,but hvnt finish.but I kinda hve problem wth the neck.leher bulat tu susah sgt nak bentuk bhgn belakang.baju dah siap but the sarong excited to c my first bju krg I sew ..eventhgh xbrapa menjadi! Thanks neeza for the simple tutorial...u made my day:)thanks also to yatie manan for linking me this site...

  14. Selamat menjahit.
    Ini tutorial online.