Jumaat, 15 Julai 2011

Introducing MERAK..

Previously known as the NeezaNeedles Buckle Tai version 2 :D

So heres some description on the new buckle tai- MERAK, together on how to wear the carrier : Front carry and Back carry.


So, officially the carrier is open for order. :D

After doing some calculation, I have to slightly increase the price of the carrier (as I have to take an account of the addition of the sleeping hood).
This is the new price:
RM180 – Local fabric
RM195 – Imported fabric
RM150 – Own fabric

RM5 higher than the previous stated price. But here's the good news. Order now, till end of this month you will get the old price. But the bad news is: the list of people who has been confirmed to order this Merak buckle tai is reaching the ceiling. Here's the list:
1. Shannen
2. Liyana
3. Hasna
4. Fathiyah
5. Jilut
6. Eina
7. Nedia
8. Rabiah
9. Noni
10. Niza rosniza
11. Syeema
12. Zaza
13. Aisya
14. Nisya
15. Cnoel

.. Pheeww.. *lap peluh..
Up till 20 names will confirmed to get their carrier before Raya. The name after 20, have to slightly wait (u still get the old price however). So book your slot NOW, to get the old price and to bergaya sakan with new carrier during raya :))

Order now. Details in Facebook. Everything in Facebook. Dont have one? Create an account. Go to my page NeezaNeedles and you can choose fabrics, delicious fabric for me to make you a meitai, onbuhimo or buckle tai..

C ya in www.fb.com/neezaneedles :)))

3 ulasan:

  1. fewwit!! nampak mcm untung byk..tp penat menjahitnya Allah swt saja yg tahu kan..

  2. I think what you made is very beautiful, though my youngest one is already 10. Hope you get lots of sales.

  3. Ye Lynn, berdebor2 nk menyiapkan order ni.. adrenaline rush sungguh.. hehehheee..
    Thanks Kate. I drop by ur blog, wow you've been to so many places.. best nyer :))