Khamis, 28 Julai 2011

Quilt cover

or quilt blanket or quilt thin mattress..

No.. jangan tertipu. Saya tak jahit quilt itu.. hehehe.. I just sandwiched the patched/quilted fabric with basting and another fabric and tah dah.. the quilt cover is done.

Well, panjang ceritanya how do I get the quilted fabric. So, as to make it short: I bought fabrics from a very well know online store however that particular stores did not send to Malaysia, fortunate enough to send to Singapore and by that I am using my friend address to order the fab fabby. The box of fabric safely arrived to her, and when she wanted to post them via pos Malaysia, the custom at the border opened the box for regular checking, and she later passed the box to her friend for posting, and her friend used the Kangaroo carrier to post them to me. When the box arrived, I got all my beautiful fabric accept for one, that been substituted with the above quilted fabric. So, I don't know what and where thing goes wrong but was so happy indeed to take the substituted fabric and turn it to quilt cover that I was long to make it.

And the kids so happy with the new 'tilam kecil'..
Hehehheee.. :))

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