Rabu, 20 Julai 2011

Welcome to my new office

Since I'm going to work here permanently, makanya telah mengubahsuai kedudukan meja dan mesin, to gain the right aura so that it become the most comfortable and conducive environment for me to create and design.

Previously the room look like this:

And after a very hard work, it look like this:

So, I bought a new almari, and rearrange the room and it become like this:
The machines (still got my nice view):

There's table for me to draw the pattern, cut the fabric and also for ironing.

And here's the new shelves. Cuba teka apa yang 'disimpan' atas almari tu?

OK, thats all a little tour around my new sewing laboratory.. Look nice eh? but not until the experiments is going on.. Gagagagaaa..

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  1. Yayy..eh luasnyeee lah hai..you are using laptops eh? Tak yah tgk tv eh masa sewing?

  2. Eh, masa sewing tak tgk tv atau laptop.. my nice view tu, is my kids watching tv outside.. lupa plak nk link.. heheheh :)

  3. Hai Neeza!

    I had just finished listening to Prof.Dr.Muhaya on Ikimfm. Dia kata dia respect sgt moms yg sacrife climbing the corprate ladder (or in ur case here tangga gomen) to stay home and look after their children.
    I was so touched by your post on how u survived living on one income slps dh biasa living with two. I'm like you too. Been at SAHM for almost 2 years now. At times mmg le tension esp when you hardly have time for yourself but looking at my kids, knowing that i giving them my best, taking care of them with my two hands, priceless.
    I blom berani to declare myself as a WAHM.What i make though maybe little but alhamdulillah enough for me to help hubby in many ways..be it expenditure or even savings. Lagipun priority at this moment is the children, business second, kan?
    Bumi Allah luas, rezeki dimana2 asal kita pandai cari. Dimana ada kemahuan, disitu ada jalan, kan? InsyaAllah.

  4. kemas and simple bilik jahit tu...suka la..
    and sy harap one day sy boleh jd mcm akak, stay at home jaga anak2...

  5. Neeza suka yang bilik sepah-sepah sebab sama la kita .bila banyak kerja macam tu bilik akak ...hahahahha

  6. Salaam Neeza, i think u r a great lady & i envy you so much. U got what I dreamt of. Making such a hard decision yet stil standing w a smile. U r really strong to believe in what your faith have about ur future, i wish u all the best n may Allah always bless u. Rgrds,Aby.

  7. hai neeza,satu pengorbanan besar yang u dah buat..xkira lah keje kat rumah ke keje kat opis ke, rezeki tu ade di mane2..bangga dgn u..i pun dulu teragak2 nak resign..tapi tetap nak resign jugak sbb nak cari kepuasan diri..lepas ni leh le deko2 bilik tu..sbb bilik tu dah jadi tempat mencari ilham..hehe

  8. wahhh luasnyer bilik jahit u neeza.. ni yg buat akak jeles ni hihihi.