Saturday, August 20, 2011

All done :))

Alhamdullillah, dengan kekuatan fizikal dan mental rasanya kesemua order yang dijanjikan sebelum raya telah berjaya disiapkan dan telah pun selamat dihantar kepada owner, with by that I've made ~15carriers within this month only. Fuhh..

Thank you very much to each and everyone of you who has support me, put trust and patiently waiting to get your carrier.

Mini buckle tai (teddy carrier)

NeezaNeedles Mei tai:

Merak buckle tai (s):

I am now taking a little break on making carriers; time to make my kids and yours truly baju raya.. :D

BTW, anyone of you has made baju kurung using my tutorial? Ok tak (the tutorial instruction and your baju)? Feel free to share the picture/blog link here in this page.. Saya nak gak tengok hasil jahitan anda semua :)))

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