Khamis, 25 Ogos 2011

Kids baju Raya..

One thing that I like about Raya is I found the perfect reason to make cloths for my kids. Basically I seldom buy them baju as I don't see the point of having too much baju in the closet (one of the reason why I having the de-cluttering Giveaway very recent as I, myself, don't see the point why I have to have so much baju yet went going out, I wear the baju that I like to wear.)

So, like last year, I was happy that I managed to sew them some bajus. I would love to make this an annual occasion (sew them baju every Raya) so that when they grow up, they will have the memory of "Ummi jahit baju raya kami setiap tahun".. Ngee..

Ok, this year, I just bought two tops for both Hamza and Zahra.

And sew them,

A pants for Hamza, and a skirt for Zahra:

and an identical pants for both of them.

As for baju jalan, I managed to sew 2 dress for Zahra:

1) the ruffles dress just like I sewed for her previous dress (using the ruffler attachment):

Buttons at back:

*fabric was bought from Ira BerryBerryTomodachi

2) Racerback summer dress using knit cotton fabric (sama mcm baju dia tahun lepas) using pattern from Leah Ikatbag:

At the back (racerback)

And a romper for Hamza:

*using knit cotton fabric bought eons ago at Spotlight, Singapore.

That's all for their baju raya.. yang penting its made with lotsa lotsa LOVE!!!



3 ulasan:

  1. good job dear...look lovely..

  2. "Ummi jahit baju raya kami setiap tahun"

    like this byk2 kali. my mom jahit bj tiap2 kali raya and until now still dok ckp dkt kawan2 "dulu kecik2 mak kita jahitkan baju raya untuk kita"

    sure, anak2 kak neeza akan ingt smpai bila2.

    salam kenal, salam akhir ramadhan ^^

  3. Cantik, Neeza!

    And that is the extent of my very limited Bahasa Melay, sorry.
    Thanks for the link. I'm glad the pattern worked for you! And I'm very pleased that Spotlight still has some nice fabric, lah. My mother keeps telling me their selection is not good now, and whenever I'm in Singapore, I always want to go there to buy fabric!