Rabu, 24 Ogos 2011

Our baju Raya

Before entering Ramadhan, I made my own pledged that all orders must settled by 20th August/Ramadhan as I need the last 10days, for making my own stuff, cleaning the house and of course a moment with me and Allah swt. Alhamdullilah, I cant stop to thank Him, that I was healthy throughout this year Ramadhan (I normally felt sick in Ramadhan: fever, food-poisoning and such) and was really determined to finish all the supposedly be done orders (last year was kinda last minutes, ada masa dok main internet saja.. hehehe).

I am so glad that this year. I managed to sew again baju raya for the kids, just like last years (Zahra and Hamza so cute.. too cute!). At first I planned to sew baju raya only for the kids while me and hubby will just use our baju nikah, but hubby refused as he said the baju melayu kinda fancy kilat-kilat (the color is silver metallic) and it looks big on him (its either the baju became loose or he shrink after married with seldom-cook-me.. hahaha), and he said that he wanted to wear jubah. So, it gave me an idea, like why not we as a family wear jubah for raya. Furthermore, I am no longer working so making a baju kurung is like a waste as it will be use only when there's a function and yet I have a wardrobe of baju kurungsss.

So, this is our baju raya:

Mine. A simple front buttons jubah (easier to breastfeed my son). I made it a little bit bigger as I plan to wear a casual baju in the jubah and yes, it is also suitable to be converted as maternity dress if I happen to get pregnant next year.. hihihih.. And ya I know, it does look like a night-gown.. hahaha..

Zahra. This is dwi-function: can be a jubah and also a long dress. Worn with matching long pants.

Hamza. Cute little mini jubah also worn with matching pants.

Ok, thats all. I having an ad hoc decluttering-giveaway in my Facebook Fanpage. Do "LIKE" the page if you wanna win the baju kurungs. Ya, I am giving away baju kurungsss. :)

Have a nice day ahead ...


5 ulasan:

  1. aik Neeza.. untuk ayahanda Zahra n Hamza tak ke hehehe... (teringin nak tgk jubah camna tuh sebenornyer hehehe)

  2. salam neeza - i'm thinking the same as u for this year therefore, i'm still working mom

  3. cantiknyaaa. best betol pandai menjahit ni

  4. Asalam neeza, seronoknya org pndai menjahit ni ya..cantik baju anak2. kebetulan anak kita sepasang, neeza amik tmpahan x utk baju yg mcm anak neeza pakai tu? if amik brape blh rm? saya betul2 berminat ni.saya ada komen juga ttg carrier - FB name saya Fiza Musa Issoffiz..thnks neeza

  5. Salam Fiza, if interested drop me an eml: neeza79@yahoo.com :))