Rabu, 24 Ogos 2011

The ad hoc decluttering giveaway

I did some cleaning up yesterday, and noticed that there's few (a lot actually) baju thats in my closet that comfortably sitting there collecting dust, and therefore I decided to let it go, and come out with this idea of giving it to my 'fan' via the NeezaNeedles FB fanpage.

Kalo nak bagi kat orang mestilah bagi yang terbaik kan, so I chose the best 3 baju kurungs to be grabbed by 3 lucky ones. Ingat sebab baju tu adalah my baju people will not have an interested but my, I was wrong, within 10min up kan gambo terus the baju sudah ada new owners.

Congrats to the 3 lucky person. I might do this again. Mebe giving away craft/sewing books or notions via my Facebook fanpage. "Like" the page so that you wont miss the fun.. Heheheee...



3 ulasan:

  1. thank u neeza. i bukak fb u sebab nak tgk2. sekali tgk ada giveaway :)
    i'm just so lucky! hehe

  2. thanks kak neeza..:D-aisha-

  3. salam neeza, terlepas giveaway haritu.. hmmm nnt kalu nk buat giveaway utk buku, habaq awai no.. nk join gk..