Khamis, 29 September 2011

Marketing tips

I have a habit of reading the business/marketing blog while breasfeeding Hamza (as that the only time that I can lie and read.. hehehe).

Ok, these are few tips that I would like to share:
1) Price. State clearly and precise. I made a long post about this previously. We don't wanna go to a shop and keep to ask the salesperson the price of each item and as seller answering same question over and over again kinda tiring especially later customer just walk away without buying anything. So, state price. Crystal clear. Jimat masa penjual dan pembeli.

2) Nice picture. Whole clear item. If you sell cloth, better to have a mannequin than putting the cloth on the floor.

3) If you want to link your website to Facebook or Twitter, better use full link web-address. Using bitly, owly is not a good way to promote ur online-shop. People will never remember or worst they wouldn't even interested to click.

4. Have a business card. Bring anywhere. Once people ask you, 'keje apa?'. Be proud to give them the card. Even they will not into your niche (like me: they don't have baby to carry) but at least they know about your existance and will promote you to their friends, who knows kan.

5. And of course, the most easy way to market your product is you use it / talk about it proudly. If you make baju, wear them. If you bake, make some to relatives and friends each time you gathered. Talk about what you make. Be proud. And of course, when I said be proud means you talk about how you enjoy making it, NOT whining about what you make. [Additional note (to meself too): Whining is not good. Far more worst if you whine on your FB/Twitter wall. It showed some kind of attitude there. Be grateful. Always be grateful. Customer cerewet or whatsoever, just be grateful. Ok..]

So I guess you see the key word here: Be Proud. Siapa yang patut lebih bangga dengan barang buatan sendiri jika bukan diri kita (dan family)..

Ok. That's all.


4 ulasan:

  1. love this! thank you hihi.

    dengan bangganya saya nk promote susu segar kambing saya di sini!
    Hehe berminat boleh beli, esp untuk asma insya Allah mmg jadi, kurang dan hilang asma tu if amalkan susu kambing segar selalu., untuk kulit kering pula, mmg lepas tu akan lembap kulit ni.

    now saya minum, kulit saya dah x kering...cuma keep on minum untuk masalah pimple saya nie. :)

    paling penting memang susu kambing ni x de bau! cam minum susu biasa je.

    hehe. thank you.

  2. nombor telefon AISYA: 017 -6065630 . Hehe


    sebotol : RM6.50
    6 botol: RM38
    12 botol: RM76

    ada harga caj delivery,
    if lebih 10km, RM10 sekali hantar.
    5-10km RM5,
    1-4km =RM3

    kak neeza, tumpang promote, semangat syaa baca post ni!

  3. good post..thanks for the tips..

  4. Salam Aisya, making use of my tips immediately eh? hehehe.. good marketing effort but don't spam, some people doesn't like it.. but its ok, nnt kalo akak cari susu kambing will contact u insyaAllah :))
    NOen, hope you'll get benefit from the post :)