Monday, September 26, 2011

Pimp the chair

The massage chair to be exact. The chair is 4yo and a year ago the seat skin started to peel off. It came out each and everytime we used the chair and not only it looks ugly, but it giving me extra work to sweep the floor right after using the chair.

So, this is the before look:


With new cover sewn by me :)


  1. ini mmg betul2 digunakan nih..sampai terkopek sana sini..hahaha..

    btw, gud job on fixing it ^^

  2. hmmm bila dh kreatif.. mcm2 buleh jd... byk jasa btul la krusi urut tu..

  3. Lynn, Niza,

    Mmg bnyk jasa kusi tu. Lenjan habis, hubby la balik keje jer dia suka berurut atas tu sambil nap kejap. Yang ye pun kusi murah, tu sebab la tersepai kulit dia.. Tak de jenama punya kusi urut.. hahaahaa..