Isnin, 3 Oktober 2011

My new toy..

Uh, forgive me. I bought another new sewing machine. Ngee..

But unlike the other machines, this one is a wee bit special, because, its small something like a toy, Purple and its Singer. Yup, its the Pixie Plus. Bought at eBay, and being a 'bargain buyer' I got this at a very good price- RM150 and that include shipping.. Yeay

I made a little Vlog about this machine (to you, yes 'you' especially ;)), however, the others can enjoy too. Nothing much, just 'bebel-bebel' to show whether the machine can be function or not. Hehehe...

Have a great Monday, peeps!


5 ulasan:

  1. Ooii, ni bikin jeles ni.. Nakkk la.. Ko beli seller mana ni???

  2. wow... cutenyerr.
    pasni boleh angkut g mana2 ler niii.. g holiday pon boleh menjahit haha

  3. comelnya..functioning well ke neeza? singer tuu..very nice! i likeee..

  4. okay ka ni neeze?
    kasik review sikit..comel sungguh!