Jumaat, 14 Oktober 2011

The silly box

Aka television. Its been months not watching one and am glad I don't feel missing or left out.


Watching hours of bad news on TV can give u a false impression that everything in the world is negative & bad #WhyYouShouldStopWatchingTV

Advertisers spend millions Dollars just to get their ad shown During the broadcast, trying To manipulate ur Mind so u'll buy Their product #Think

Don't allow TV/media messages to control u.Think for urself & make decisions based on ur values, not on what the Media is telling u #BeSmart

The one thing I noticed about TV is how it gives you an illusion that you're missing out from not watching #TVFreeProgram

As you are watching the TV show, take a moment to assess how you feel. What are you thinking? Positive thoughts? Or negative thoughts?

Not Watching TV Saves Ur Money. TV drives us to Buy things that we don't need to buy. Heavy TV viewing is linked to higher material aspirations #NoTV :)


All above is quoted from @RahmaAlkhadr from twitter.com. I like what she's twit. Its kinda amazing as I have the same opinion as her. Like most of the time. :)


Neeza Zaini



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