Rabu, 9 November 2011

Candy and Vinegar

Once upon a time, there were two shops. One was selling candy and the other –vinegar. There was intense rivalry. The vinegar shop was a great success compared to the one selling candy. Every single customer who visited the vinegar shop would always come out of it with 'gallons' of vinegar while the customers of the candy shop would come out empty handed. 

This imbalance went on for a while until one day, the candy seller decided to close down the shop. Feeling disgruntled and perplexed at the same time, he said to himself: "I just can't leave in this state. I must go down to the vinegar shop and ask the vinegar seller the reason for the secret of his success." So, he went down to the vinegar shop said to the vinegar seller "Listen here now; I sell candy, something that is nice & sweet. Everybody loves candy. But you, you are selling vinegar – something that is nasty, sour and disliked by most people. Can you please explain to me how you can sell much more than me?" "Well, perhaps it's bcoz I sell vinegar with a candy face but u sell candy with a vinegar face", replied the vinegar seller, smiling,
One of the More important Lessons we Can grasp from This story is That The nature of the Product one is trying To Sell has Little bearing on Its sales. The product can be very nice and sweet, but what matters more is how one presents one's self, and the product, in the process.
Remember to smile :)
Again taken from www.twitter.com/RahmaAlkhadr

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