Rabu, 23 November 2011


I like watching women dress like that. Masya Allah, such a beautiful scene. I remembered we went to Zoo Negara 2 weeks before Ramadan and there's more than 5 ladies wearing such attire. Made me amused.

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  1. i always respect women in hijab like in your pic. unfortunately yesterday i met a young woman, tutup muka dengan kain hitam, fine...but her dress is bright pink moden kurung ( showing her curves, ikut badan sangat ). the dress is complete with labuci and sulam-sulam, very attractive. the hijab ( face cover ) itself is kain hitam yang ditaburi manik berkilauan. i was confused. What's the purpose of hijab then ? also a famous lady who wear face cover, showing her eyes only, but the eyes are so heavily made-up - false lashes, eye-shadows, etc. she looks so seductive, promoting her cosmetics.
    again, a woman needs to understand why she must cover herself. it's not a trend ( ikut fesyen arab, konon ), it's a hukum. Jangan sampai jadi penari gelek arab , muka tutup tapi bogel!

  2. Setuju what you said Emma!!.. *LIKE*..

    Those women you mentioned definitely will not gain any respect from me.. and one more.. saya selalu perasan orang kita ni dah cantik kemas bertudung berbaju longgar but a bit sayang, pakai kasut kaki nampak.. so the aurat still not properly covered. Sayang..