Isnin, 7 November 2011


Mom in law past away somewhere early this year and father in law remarried soon after that. And I frankly admit that I adore my new mom in law. From appearance, she looks old (maybe in her mid-50s) yet strong, patient and motherly. I might say that we are new for her but her warmth acceptance towards us makes me feel like she's been in the family for long.

She said to me that she's never been to Mecca but she really wants to go. I hope and pray that she'll get the chance sooner or later. And if she doesn't, I pray she'll go to heaven, nevertheless. I think all motherly Mother should have a place in heaven because being mother is not just giving birth, its about sacrificing, more to give and sometimes none to take. Its not as easy as one can imagine.

Neeza Zaini



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