Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Poslaju pick up service

Awesome service!

I wanted to use d service like long time ago but was reluctant as I heard user must open an account with Rm500 deposit, which is way out my budget. But due to own logistic problem, I called the service centre and they said they'll come with only Rm5 service charges. And that cheaper compare to if I have to go to the post centre by taxi.

Again I would say this is one awesome service. They will bring along the flyers (mailing packages) and the consignment notes if you haven't got one.



  1. neeza, mana ada 500 deposits. utk WAHM mmg sesuai...invoice they issue end month, byr jek. senang takyah pikir2..

    as long as u a registered sole prop, then boleh je...i still use it sbb sng giler, call the that postlaju man. biasanye satu kwsan tu, mmg sama jek orgnye melainkan dia mc ke cuti ke.

  2. Ada baca forum mana tah dia kata kena bayo RM500.. Dengar jer dah terketar..

    Servis memang best la.. terbaik!!!

  3. mcmmana dia kira pos rm 5 tu ? tak kira berapa banyak barang kita nak hantar pun rm5 jugak ke ? and nak kena register ke untuk service ni ? saya baru nak guna ni --' sorrylah ye