Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Apabila Imam tertambah rakaat...

Ok, this happened a few weeks ago, when we went jamaah for Isya'. The Imam was accidentally repeated the tahiyatul awal at 3rd rakaah. I must said that it was such a blur moment. I remembered listened to the ceramah by Uztaz Azhar said that if Imam was wrong the maamum are responsible to re-correct him by say out loud 'Subhanallah', and makmum shouldn't follow the Imam too. I was at the second row so I just stand for the final rakaah, and no longer following the imam. But some maamum did continued following the Imam.

Suddenly, Hamza was crying out loud (some kids teased him) and as I confident that he is clean (as he just take his shower before we leave) I just carried him through out the salah. But it was really a chaotic moment and suddenly I cant remember what to do after my tahiyatul akhir, should I remain sit, waiting for the Imam to give salaam first or continued to give the salaam ?? What I did was, give my salaam, and as Hamza wanted to be fed, I walked home (leaving Hubby behind), and at home I took my Isya' pray again. Too confuse with the whole situation.

And later that night, I asked Mat about the incident in surau, and he said that I should do mufarakah. I must admit that I know nothing about murafakah, and I googled and found this:

I written this so that the knowledge can be shared with you guys out there.. Yes, this is so new for me.. :)

ps: Yup, we can carry our child during salah, in condition that he/she is clean (hadas besar atau kecil). If not, our salah is invalid as we are not properly clean eg. menanggung najis. Wallahu'alam.


  1. teringat masa skolah dulu..hal macam ni jgk..but masa tuh imah termasuk beberapa orang pelajar lain mengakhiri solat tak ikut imam..islam itu mudah..ada jalan penyelesaiannya..cuma tau..dan tak tau jerr...

  2. Carry, means dukung? Liza selalu bila solat, anak mai kacau depan sejadah, block sejadah dan yg baby pula nak berdiri bergantung kat Liza. Suami Liza kata it's okay to pegang anak takut anak jatuh masa kita dalam solat, as Nabi kita pun buat perkara yang sama juga...

    Kadang tu masa sujud, depa panjat belakang kita, jenuh nak tunggu depa bangun hehe...

  3. yup Liza, dukung. kalo kat surau, sometimes Hamza cranky, so Akak dukung dia tru-out the salah. But very sure dia bersih dari najis, sbb kalo tak nnt salah kita plak tak sah. biasa before ke surau, mmg ditukarkan pampers dia ke yg baru..