Khamis, 8 Disember 2011

Gramedia sales books

To those who asking, these are the books that I bought. All these for Zahra. Price is satisfying. (I didn't go to the Big Bad Wolf Book fair so can't give any comparison).

The horse with color pencil is Rm13. The book with oil pastel is Rm10.

Sticker books ~ Rm15 each.
Bought Charlie and Lola sticker books too at same price range.

Activity books range Rm2 - RM12.

Sale will be until end of month or all books sold, which come first.

Yup, this is Gramedia located at Mines Shopping complex.

I personally said for those yang ada anak nak masuk skolah better go. Stationary is so cheap!

Hope this help. :). And ya, they accept credit card. No fuss to bring cash. Hehee...


2 ulasan:

  1. gramedia ni kan toko buku indonesia... tapi bagi aku tak ler murah sangat if in indonesia laa


  2. yup toko buku indonesia.. kat Malaysia tak bole carik makan kot.. tu yang wrapped tu.. hehee.. kalo biasa harga standard macam kat mph/times. but sebab nak close-shop so murah samapi 70-80% diskaun..

    Novel melayu/english pun banyak, but since i just target to buy books for zahra, so tak broswe la section tuh..