Sabtu, 31 Disember 2011


*This is a self-reminder but I think its good to share with you my beloved readers :)

Macam-macam perseption orang tentang erti rezeki. Ada yang beranggapan only positive impact can be considered as rezeki - gaji naik, dapat anak, dapat hadiah, etc. Kalau barang hilang, kereta accident and rosak, keguguran dan kemudian kena pulak pergi buat kemoterapi, that's was considered as 'tak de rezeki'. In fact, I too was in that state of opinion. 

Until very recent, I listened to @yasminmogahed 's podcast, where she said, that all, everything that happened, involved around us is considered rezk especially when we are able to face them. Able to face them like literally alive. Not dead. And that rezk is actually a test. Because life itself is a test, jadi semua,  gaji naik, dapat anak, dapat hadiah, barang hilang, kereta accident and rosak, keguguran dan kemudian kena pulak pergi buat kemoterapi, adalah rezki (ujian). Yang baik rezki dan yang tak baik juga rezki. Its how we accept them and how we look at the situation, are we going to be too happy till we forget to be thankful to God or giving up and blame God with what had happened?, that's matter.

So, despite of complaining this is not enough, I am tired, I want my me time, we should always thankful. Thank you for being able to wake up in the next morning to breath the air facing a brand new day. Thank you (Allah swt) for the 2nd chance.

Count the blessing.. Start to think of Allah with what we do: Alhamdullillah- Syukur ke hadratMu Allah; Astaghrafirullah- Ampunilah dosa ku ini, Ya Allah; MasyaAllah, Lahaulawalaquwatailla billah - Sungguh atas kehendak Allah (semua ini terwujud), tidak ada daya kekuatan kecuali kekuatanMu (dengan pertolonganMu) Ya Allah.. -- make this as a habit (better then menyeranah).

May 2012 will open our mind to be more mature (in Islamic way) and being positive towards life. Happy New Year. Lets together improve our self to be a better Muslim, insyaAllah :)

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