Selasa, 27 Disember 2011

Wrapping up 2011

Alhamdullillah. 2011 is Such a great amazing year.
I know some people might said that every year is as same as the previous. We live today, so make full use of the moment, while yesterday is a past and tomoorow is a present, which we're not sure either we'll be able to make it or not. But as for me there's nothing wrong in making  plan and looking back the past to improve.

So, here's what actually happened in 2011:
Mother in law past away, I lost my Bold Blackberry, I decided not to sew any more baju for adults, and I quitted my life-secured-job . Those are the 'bad news', but somehow, we moved on.. Father inlaw remarried, I bought new 'cheap version' of Blackberry, I focussed on sewing baby-carriers and decided to go serious in this as I have found my niche! And what more important is I can said that I've found happiness. We found happiness. We might not live in luxury as previous (before I resigned) but as my husband said, life is more meaningful. There's ample time to jemaah at Surau every Maghrib and Isyak, and we get to sit and discussed about Islam (taaruf) most night, and I no longer whined 'tired la' (as according to what my husband said) compared to when I was in rat-race. Alhamdullillah. I am glad that this whole thing has make us closer to the Creator, Allah swt. Alhamdullilah.

So, what I looks forward to 2012 is:
Maintain those that are good
I am going to be a teacher!!! Hehee.. So, orders have to sacrifice a bit. I might taking less orders than I used to take. Talking about orders, Alhamdullilah, Thanks dear God, the rezk that You give is sufficient and I am so happy. And I am glad that the customers are happy too. And the best thing is, I can say that my parent are now support what I am doing now. When I broke the news that I am going to resign from Kementerian Kesihatan, from the Public service, letting off my secured-pension, Dad was kinda shocked. And Mom was confused.. and.. mad. No, they don't nag me, but I know they are not agree with my Big decision due to their 'they-have-nothing-to-say' responsed. But now, I somehow believe that Dad and Mom respected my decision. Mom was like asking me to put the carriers to be sold in her friends shop and also freely promoting the carriers to her friends (asking their kids to wear their grandkids). Hehee.. And ya, talking about selling stuff in shop, oh my.. This, I am not sure either to put in my 2012 plans or not. I know I have turn-down few offers from vendors. I like to maintain the exclusivity of NeezaNeedles handmade carriers, I love to get to know my customers well, and getting the feedback from them. Ok, we KIV this. Hehee.. inshaAllah, with God-will, I might as well push on this.
And finally, we plan to add members of the family. Hehee.. No, I am not pregnant yet. But I hope to get pregnant in 2012. 

Ok, I think I've write a lot. Thanks Allah swt for amazing 2011 (been featured in Metro, twice!!!) hehee.. Alhamdullilah. Thanks for the support - families, friends, customers, strangers. And I wish you reader a Happy 2012. :) 

p/s: I know we have another 5days to hit 2012 but I am just very excited :D


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  1. Selamat maju jaya dan diberkati Allah selalu...belum tau apa nak buat next year tapi perangcangan untuk anak-anak memang dah siap.minta-minta dipermudahkan.....

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  3. assalam wbt,

    oh..sudah wrapped? alamak..rasa anxious pulak mcm mana 2012 nnti :)
    tahniah buat akak terhadap hidup yg sukses sepanjang 2011, moga 2012 semakin sukses! insyaallah..

  4. May 2012 brings u more success..

    best kan kalau boleh plan bila nak tambah ahli keluarga... I had abandoned that plan long time ago... to prevent myself from frustration