Jumaat, 20 Januari 2012

About NeezaNeedles- the label

Lama tak bercerita pasal 'business'.. hehee..

Alhamdullillah, work is good. Good. Alhamdullillah. I love what I'm doing and passionate with the whole thing and its such an addictive, that I need to be in the lab everyday, if I am not sewing, I will cutting fabric or webbing, counting the stocks and raw materials, and I can say that the first and the last thing in my mind would always about work and my daily achievement. Macam tak percaya, sebab all these while, for the past 10years, I've been job-jumping, from one sector to another and I don't find the satisfying of doing particular job (sebab tula asik job-jumping jer..). Not until I work for myself. Mebe because the feeling of sense of belonging is very strong, and I am particularly responsible to the whole thing. I love.. I am in love.. seriously.

And for the year 2012, I somehow think that its about time to be put some serious effort on what I am doing. And I started with label and logo.

Previously the logo is this: --

yang ni sekadar logo di business card je. Not brave enough to realization the logo at the beginning of the business. Takut tak kemana. And when I am strong and sure, I found out that the logo is wee bit colourful (according to the kedai) so I came out with a new logo:

And after showing this to Mat, he said that the logo is an A-okay but not attractive enough. And suddenly (Allhamdullilah , Thank God for the cetusan idea) I decided to omit the 'carrier' and let the LOVE be the carrier instead. :))

I like this logo very much, personnally (I like to make my own decision sbb if it turn bad, I put the blame on me). All logos is made via powerpoint (good apps for a buta-IT person like me.. hehee).

And now its time to print.

Printing was at first is kinda pening kepala. Sebab the usual kedai is so slow to respond my email. Semangat adalah berkobar-kobar and when people slow to respond terus rasa lemau. And I am glad to exchange the point of view regarding this matter with other crafters - Okinokiyo and ItsyDoodles via twitter. Sedikit sebanyak dapat info regarding other suppliers - InsangPari, RibbonBoutique dll.

But I decided to browse tru eBay and ya I found one company doing it. Alhamdullillah. Its kinda cheap so I made two different labels. One is quite big and another one is much smaller.

And ya.. Happy!!!

Then I made a new business cards with the new logo. This is also one happy thing. :)) Normally I made cards at Warta Bangi, those kedai yang 1jam boleh siap. They'll charge RM36 for 1box (front and back prited color).

This time around I made the cards fom Kak Arin - www.printsini.com. They're having an offer so I grabbed the opportunity (knowing bout this from tweet Kak Arin). Cheap: RM26 per box, front and back coloured. And again.. Happy!!!

The best part is semua pun online, so tak pening kepala (with an additional two kids) to go to the kedai.

Alhamdullillah. Hoping for a smooth sailing :))

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  1. Niza.. label tuh berapa RM yer... akak tgk diorg buat kat indon (kat FB GMJ) 1200 pieces for RM100+++ rasa mcm nak buat label jer, tp fikir2 balik akak ni bukan ada sgt product pun hahhaha

  2. Assalam Sis Neeza, boleh saya tau ebay add untuk buat label tu?

  3. Label here: http://myworld.ebay.com.my/worldwidelabel-net/?_trksid=p4340.l2559