Jumaat, 6 Januari 2012


Friday today.. Jummah mubarak!

Did you know that it is sunnat to read Suratul-Kahf on Friday? I just knew it very recent. Selama ni dok la baca Yasin. Anyway, Suratul Kahf ni tak la panjang setakat 110 ayat saja but mebe agak kurang biasa, agak penat jugak nak menghabiskan satu surah tu on a go. So what I did is normally baca yang in Juzuk 15 malam Jumaat, and continue the Juzuk 16 on the Jumaat itself.

And I found that this surah is very interesting. 110 ayah and it has 3 significant story.
1) about those young men who runaway from their ruler and stayed sleep for about 100years in a cave.
2) Nabi Musa as and the knowledgeable Khidir,
3) and Zulkarnain with the Gog ang Magog. 

Banyak fadilat mengamal kan membaca Suratul Kahf espcially the first 10 ayah, which will protect ourselves from fitna.
Ok, I still have a lot to learn, but I hope, things that I share will give benefit to you and me, insyaAllah.


2 ulasan:

  1. that's true. yasin is commendable to be read everyday, while kahfi is specifically on friday. we should get our facts straight, that way we can get more rewards! if we read kahfi with intention as following the sunnah of Nabi pbuh, we will get the reward as you mentioned plus extra rewards of 70 syahid (for following sunnah)! masha Allah!

  2. Kan, masyaAllah, Subhanallah :))