Rabu, 25 Januari 2012

Bizcard evolution

All designed by me.

First two was made in Bangi. The last one I made from Kak Arin www.printsini.com. Love, love, love the last one :D

I read somewhere that a good biz card is clear and simple. No need to put much words (description) as card is not a brochure. But in my opinion, a good biz card should actually put description of what activity ure offering- Refer to those plumbing biz card where they ditch in our post box.

I don't know bout other people but I, sometimes just randomly gave my biz card at the mall especially if I see some parents struggling carrying their young one while pushing an empty stroller. Hehee.. (At a times, you have to be muka tebal to sell ;) #protips)


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