Rabu, 4 Januari 2012

Brand New


What do you guys think? Compare to the old one:

I am making new labels specifically for the carriers. Before this am using the label previously made for the baju kurung which is simple and ya, simple. I wanted to use the blue one but when I sent for 'printing' the kedai said that I need to maximize the color up to only two colors or I have to pay extra for extra colors (the blue label got more than 5 colors according to the kedai). Since I am a bit buta-IT, (I made those label manually using powerpoint) so its hard to change the colors, thus I make a new one.

So, insyaAllah we gonna have new significant labels after this. After a year- Baru rasa berani nak buat one very serious label representing the company. Company.. whoa, that is one very serious word! Hehee..



2 ulasan:

  1. Nice. Merah lagi comel. Nice attempt guna symbols powerpoint je. Kalo boleh aku suggest, font pada tajuk blog ko tu lg lawo utk letak kat label.

  2. saya pun prefer old font type to be used with the new label.

    just my dua sen opinion.. ;)

    keep up d good work and continue inspire others..