Sabtu, 28 Januari 2012

Count the blessing (part2)

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And I also learnt that we actually own nothing in this world. Not a thing! Even our body part (that physically attached to us) is not ours. The fingers, the hand or the leg can gone in a blink of the eyes.

So count the blessing. Bersyukur!

I was sad at the beginning of the year (refers to my melancholic posts). All of a sudden everything needs money- renewing road tax, car broke down, yada-yada and peak of it my phone went kaput. One nice combo. I can help but little and was so worried if husband becoming stress in those money-matter situation. Mat however was very calm. There's always a way, he said. Kept calm and read the Quran. Ya, that's what he did. Literally. And Alhamdullillah, few days later good news start knocking the door. Alhamdullillah. Amazing. And Alhamdulillah.

The house would always in a mess. Big mess. But that means there's people occupying the house. Happy small people. Its not just a house. But a home.

Neighbors will always hear me shouting calling the kids. But that means I am watching my kids. Not just letting them out unsupervised. And ya, they play with the nature most unrainy days. Look after by me. Not bibik.

I sleep late most night. Sewing. But I know that what keeps me alive, makes me happy :)

So, all I can say, to be happy, learn to appreciate thing. Appreciate our body parts. Look at the lover eye or face- parents, husband, wife or kids. They might gone in second. Forgive and give love. Once in a while its okay to complaint but once in a while. Things not always be great but in any kind of situation Allah swt always there. Count the blessing, read the Quran and recite zikrullah to show some gratitude.


(One self-reminder)


Neeza Zaini

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  1. so true..we should be grateful on what we have..keep remember this
    Sabar + Syukur = Bahagia
    Usaha + Doa = Berjaya

  2. treasure what you have and forget what you dont have... enjoy a happy life.