Sabtu, 28 Januari 2012

Count your Blessing

The most valuable lesson that Allah swt gave to me is, I must say was the molar pregnancy followed with the chemotherapy treatment.

I learnt that I am not in control. I learnt that at that situation our lives is above all. I learnt than my job, my title means nothing to me. I learnt that family is valuable than any other thing in this whole wide world. I learnt that only Allah swt, my faith, can help me to overcome everything. I learnt that there is other peoples suffered serious illness than me. I learnt that death wait no one at no specific age. I learnt to praise Allah swt more. I learnt to appreciate every single thing. I learnt that whining, complaining and negativity won't makes you happy. I learnt that I am not in control. I never be in control.

We have to count our blessing to be happy. Look at the bright side. There's always hikmah on everything that happened and Alhamdullilah having to be sick, losing a baby and going for that painful moment of series of chemo treatment really an eye opener. I am still alive to be given second chance to repent, to be back on track, back on the right path. Alhamdullillah for that tremendous chances.

And again thanks to God, Alhamdulillah, to be able to wake up the next morning to serve as a khalifah. We might not be overnight rich. The debt still there. The problem still there. We still have to work. To solve. But just count the blessing. All of that makes we be what we are, the servant of Allah swt.



Neeza Zaini

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