Rabu, 18 Januari 2012

Introducing - NeezaNeedles Ring slings Collection.

NeezaNeedles Ringsling.
Click here for details: Ring Slings

All are readymade.
-- 100% Linen fabric (its durable)
-- Single layer (airy, less heat for both wearer and wearee)
-- Simple gathered shoulder (comfy assure)
-- Large aluminium rings (easy for adjustment)
-- With patch zipper pocket using designer fabric (to put ur money, keys, baby's handkerchief)
-- Come with storing pouch (easy to keep)

All fabric has been pre-wash before sewing.

RM120 (exclude shipping)

To purchase, email me: info@neezaneedles.biz


Alhamdullilah. Been hibernating myself for the past few days in the sewing lab, for making these carriers.

Al-kisah, all of these are sudden attempt. I made a ring slings previously, You can see the tutorial here: Make you own Ring Slings (Project Refashion).
and there's a few customers asking me, why dont I come out with ring slings. And at that particular of time, I said, being solo-prenuer, its hard for me to do everything with my only two hands.

Later when I sorted the remnant fabrics, I've been thinking that these fabrics should turn out to be something, and suddenly I am thinking to pimp my ring slings (mine is the expensive Sakura Bloom (I bought pre-loved however) but do not have any pocket). And at that time, Thank you Allah swt, for giving me an idea to come out with my own ring slings line - simple design but with handy-pocket (using the designer fabric remnants). Alhamdulillah.

And my personal point of view, every baby-wearer should kept at least a ring slings in a car for any emergency cases. Hamza is 1 half year with 10-11kg (not sure with the figure), I carry him with onbu normally but in a hurry situation when I totally forget to bring along any carrier, the ring slings is such a life saver.

And yes, if you can sew, then go ahead make one for you. If not, feel free to buy from me :))

Me wearing Hamza in RS (somewhere in October'11) where he felt asleep @ Alamanda.


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