Ahad, 15 Januari 2012

Once in a blue moon, it feels so good to cry ...

The past few days was kinda stressful days for me.

No, this is non-work related. Work- Alhamdullillah is good. Better. Orders are coming in. Only my boy now have a mutual hate relationship with the sewing machine so I really have to squeeze myself to find a perfect time to sew; that would be the time when he is asleep. So while he's awake I'll entertain him , multitask with cutting the fabrics, webbing or folding the laundry (which I have not yet doing it in the year of 2012.. yes, the last time I folded laundry was last year 31Dec; I'll do it tomorrow, or mebe right after writing this entry).

And Alhamdullillah, I am healthy. Thank Allah swt for the perfect health. :)

So whats bother me as usual is the life problem which involves.. ya, you know it right. But I am yet to regret with any of my decision. My previous big decision. Maybe I am so unfit with that particular place, I am so relieve I am out of the circa. I am happy. Seriously, I am happy physically. Mentally, erm well... a little bit. Hahah..
Maybe the monthly changing-hormone effected my feeling for the past few days. Or maybe I put too much hope on something it become my biggest fear. And I know I've been neglected something and Allah swt wake me up, to makes me realize that I am not in control.

I am fine. Alhamdullillah. Life hard, ya. Nobody says it gonna be easy. This is not paradise, neither nor hell. Enjoy the journey, I must. Now, mari banyak berzikir supaya hati lebih tenang. :)

Good night. And you laundry, I see you when I see you.. hahah.
Fee Amanillah.


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  1. about the laundry...i have someone coming over once a week...not because i don't like cleaning, or lazy to mop floor, but because i hate folding clothes. don't know why..last time i fold clothes, me be 3 years ago...or more..hah!