Khamis, 16 Februari 2012

Demi Masa

I read one of my friend FB's status, she was saying something like: Sitting hours in front of the computer doing nothing but Facebook-ing. I should stop this. Lagho (wasting time!).. And there's few commented and one of the comment catch my eyes: Same here. But different cases. I like reading. Novels. One after another. Staying late just to finish one book. Same. Lagho. "

Well I guess that one of my reason why I didn't update this blog as frequent as before. First, my life lame, I do same activity most days. Teaching my girl in the morning, sewing in between, and mothering all day: house-chore whatsnot. Second, I did sew, But its no longer a hobby, its my job. And I enjoy doing the job (finishing the orders) rather than self-sewing. And making tutorials takes a lot of my time. I need to really work out with my timetable if I want to do one. Sorry, because I know most of you come here for the sewing tutorials. I received few comments in my Youtube channel, asking for more tutes, translate them in English, and again I have to say, I bad in time management. And I am not a multi-tasking person, I cant do two thing in one time- things will go hay-wire. So I prioritize, which is more important: this or that.

And excuse me for transform this blog to sort-of-like islamic blog. I read and not to forget, I've jot it in my phone. And then I think its better for me to put it here: sharing with those who in seek of some soul-knowledge. Because I know, most of us, our main problem is time-management, failing in prioritize. 24hrs is not enough to do all. I always respect full-time working mother: work 8-5, coming back with kids need attention, preparing food, laundry whatsnot, and the routine recycle again the next day.

And I know, most of us, been quite very far, with the Deen. How many of us have the time to read and tadabbur the Quran? Well, to be frank I've been neglected the Quran since I got married and became the full-time working mother. Quran is just Yassin every Friday night, that's is. Reading it blindly without even bother to read the tafsiir.

Alhamdulillah for the decision that I made, the time that I now have. And of course, time will always do the trick. Whats important is prioritize. House will always be in mess. I have a mess-machines, so dont bother to keep it tide every minutes. When the kids play, I took the time to sew. And when my boy wants to milk, I took the time to read the Quran. (I used to play with my phone during his feeding time and somehow I comprehended that this is wasting time! and turn to read some books, and somehow I start to appreciate my time and reading books about worldly is also wasting time, so lets feed the soul).

And I hope what I share with you guys, my Muslim Sisters and Brothers will have a benefit to you :)

Demi masa! Sesungguhnya manusia itu berada di dalam kerugian. Kecuali orang-orang yang beriman dan beramal salih, dan mereka pula berpesan-pesan dengan kebenaran serta berpesan-pesan dengan sabar.

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  1. InshaAllah, ia sgt memberi faedah kepada semua