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From Merak to Nuri

Woot.. woot..

We have MERAK SSC, now introducing the NURI Ring tai - the buckle-less version of MERAK SSC.

We love the carrier and I guess its great to spread the LOVE. Orders now open. Price is RM260, slightly higher than MERAK SSC, but still affordable :).

Anything just eml me:


NURI Ring Tai

NURI Ring Tai is basically a combination of a mei tai and a full-buckle carrier without the plastic buckles or hard webbings that could feel uncomfortable. The soft wrap-like shoulder straps are fixed to small sling rings. The straps feel incredibly comfortable and they fit for parents of different size and babys of all ages.

The body panel of the NURI Ring Tai is the same style as we use with our MERAK SSCs and also the detachable sleeping hood is included. The NURI Ring Tais body panel are made entirely from beautiful fabric sandwiched with layer of fabrics to make it sturdy. The body panel comes with darts so the baby's bum will settle in a deep pouch. The high panel part gives support to baby's back and neck. It secured with tie and button, which can be unbutton and you can fold the head/neck rest for baby to hands-out, or simply for baby to freely enjoy their view (without being block).

There is also soft padding under the baby's legs.

The waist band is a SSC type, thick padded and slightly curved with 200 cm (80 inch) long. The shoulder straps are about 115 cm (45inch) long, 15 cm (6 inch) wide and softly padded on top of the shoulder. The straps are made of corduroy fabric all the way.

The shoulder straps are attached to small aluminium rings on each side of the body panel and you can adjust the straps smoothly. The idea is the same as with a regular ring sling. Spread the fabric evenly over the rings to make it slide more easily when tightening. It is also good practice to un-fasten the straps from the rings every now and then and string the straps again because they can become twisted over time.

We offer four sizes of NURI Ring Tai carrier: baby, standard, toddler and pre-school. The age and size recommendations are average estimations. If you can't decide between two sizes, please think about when do you need it the most: do you need the carrier right now or maybe a little later. If you need it now, the smaller size is probably right for you. But if you want to be able to use the carrier as long as possible, then you might want to choose a bigger size.

Baby size (3-18 months): Hight 38cm (15inch), width between the legs 33-35cm (13inch)

Standard size (4m-2 1/2 years,): hight 40 cm (17inch), width between the legs 35-40 cm ((14inch)

Toddler size (2-4 years): hight 45 cm (19 inch), width between the legs 41cm (16inch)

Pre-school size (3-5 years): hight 50 cm (19 1/2inch), width between the legs 44cm (17 inch)
** Hight of the carrier is exclude the waist band.
** Toddler and Pre-school size would have a different price compare to Baby and Standard size

To wear this carrier, first wear the waist band the out side facing towards your body so that the panel will hang directly towards the ground in the starting position.

In a front carry the shoulder straps are crossed behind your back. You can attach the straps to the opposite side rings even before you put the baby on. Just leave them as loose as possible. Then pick up the baby and set her in front of you and facing towards you. Lift the body panel up and lift each shoulder strap over the baby and over your head one by one and cross them over your back. Make sure the fabric is not twisted. If this doesn't feel the right way for you, you can also fix each strap to the rings after the baby is in the carrier.

Tighten the straps: pull all loose material rings after the baby is in the carrier.iarial down from your shoulders and back and as close to the rings as possible. Then pull the strap right behind the rings backwards little by little. This is easier to do, if there's no weight on the strap that you try to tighten so lift the strap from the shoulder with your other hand.

Each carrier purchased comes with a storing bag/pouch.

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