Ahad, 5 Februari 2012

Jubah again

Because I love and am wearing it religiously. Well, at first I am thinking to make the Burdastyle Bohemian Maxi dress - this link.. so pretty but the fact it has tie on the back makes me think twice, to make or not to make - not really suitable (geleng kepala).

So, same ol jubah, same ol jubah.. (like the black abaya).. but this time around I used flowy cotton fabric (mom bought from Vietnam.. Thanks Mama.. :))

Elastic cuff at end sleeves:

Simple piping neck:

Hidden side zipper for breastfeeding:

And a happy me :)

Nak jugak...

Salam Maulidurrasul to all :)) and Happy long weekends :)

Note: This is for self-wearing and no, I am not taking any orders for this. Sorry and thank you.


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