Isnin, 27 Februari 2012

Keep it to urself

"Don't judge people. You might know their name but you definitely don't know their story. Keep your thoughts to yourself."

That's the utmost reason why I 'leave' FB. We tend to talk about other people that other people in our friend lists do not know who he/she is. I admit that I am not a good person myself (I am trying hard to be one now) but I always feel it is not right to talk (especially something bad) about other people, and about people that we don't even know who he/she is.
Like: talking bad about someone just because he/she doesn't represent Muslim the way he/she suppose to, swearing to someone who upsetting us, and calling people stupid just because they do something that normal people don't do. Ya, I know they might doing something not right there but we understand what we want to understand. We don't really know the story behind. And since 'we know' they did something wrong, why not telling straight to their face? Even he/she is stranger there's nothing wrong to come forward to say to their face if they're wrong. That's much better, we might get pahala for that. And if we want to remind others not to do the same, by letting it known via tweet/FB status, its better to use nice naseeha words without relate to anybody specifically.

Sejujurnya, aku pun belum jadi baik. Hati ni selalu berkata2. But I am trying my very best to just let it be in my heart. Bila hati berkata-kata, kita basuh dengan Istighfar. Selalu bersangka baik. Kerna segala setiap berlaku di sekeliling kita adalah ujian. Jaga mata, jaga telinga. Jangan sampai keluar di lidah. Kenapa nak berkongsi dosa? Bila kita pun bukannya baik sangat. Bila kita sendiri belum pasti timbangan pahala cukup berat untuk bawa kita ke Syurga.

I am so afraid that what we trying to say, when we pointed other people fault by publicitized it in the social network, we are actually being arrogant. Riak. We tend to see that we are better than he/she. *Always remember that everything that we own comes from Allah swt. He gave it and at the same time He is testing us. The ability for us to wake up every morning for Fajr comes from Him, to do every single good deed comes from Him. Its not from us. He can take it back. But to prevent from Him snatching back all the privileges always remember Him, by zikrullah. -- *via Yasmin Mojahed pod cast.

Let's together we be a better person and a Good Muslim.

Forgive me if I am wrong.


Neeza Zaini


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  1. Hi kak, saya selalu juga baca entry akak. banyak bagi manfaat. saya suka menjahit juga. Alhamdulillah entry ni bagus.menyedarkan.
    Cuma yang saya selalu perasan dan perhati Grammar English akak berterabur sikit. Maybe next time boleh check dulu before post.Saya pun bukan bagus sangat English. Tapi sharing is Caring kan.