Jumaat, 3 Februari 2012

MERAK SSC buckle-less

.. no buckle. At all.

Considered this as my first sewing project for 2012. Finally. Something for myself. But lame- another carrier. Hehee...

Well, the urge to make another carrier for own self is just because non-other than the... LABEL itself. All other carriers that I owned is using the old uninterested label so I need to make one carrier for me using the new label. I have Merak buckle tai version and making Merak SSC is somehow a bit of redundant, and I found out that Mat likes the onbuhimo compared to Merak buckle tai and Ergo.. And I knew the reason is that he does not like buckle. There!

And I just found out about ringtai, so why not making one for own self. Yeay!!!

We've tried (right after I finished sewing) and I can say that I like it very much, easier to wear and ya, we just like it. Proper picture later ya guys. And this Merak SSC ringtai version is made 100% using corduroy - body panel is 21-wale cord and the straps is 8-wale cord.

Love! Love! Love!!!! :)


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