Isnin, 20 Februari 2012


Last week is sort of a hectic week for us. 3 kali ke CIMB menguruskan account yg tak aktif selama ini. I said us because I have to drag along my kids to every places that we go.

So, first day to the bank, I parked really far: confused with the location of Affin bank and CIMB. But we have fun walking along the Precint 3 as my kids enjoy the scenery as there's a pasangan pengantin doing shooting and she's so beautiful like a Princess kata Zahra. First day was a failed due to my previous card was an old bank Bumiputera card, so need retrieved the information from HQ, unsettle so we have to come again the next day. We spent most of our afternoon at the bank and coming back home I received notice from the Poslaju guy, a parcel need to be claimed at the Poslaju centre.

Second day, we woke up early in the morning, sent hubby to his office and went back to the bank. Again unable to proceed because account was inactive. Need 24hrs to be active so I have to come again the next day. Disappointed, we went to the Poslaju centre to claim my parcel. At Poslaju, the girl who's looking over the counter (whos actually knows what I am doing) was happy to see me. "Lama Akak tak datang" and she later asked if I have a storage pouch to sell. She wanted to put her telekung. So I said ya, ada, and since I have to go to the Bank again tomorrow, I said to her that I will be coming again the next day.

Third day, went back to the bank and bank was offline!!! Wah, stress jugak waktu tu but lucky the manager care enough to just lemme have the card, and they will just call me to further proceed, means that I don't have to go back to the bank the next day. And we went to Poslaju to sell the storage bag to the girl (and also to send stuff to my customers).

Well, what I wanted to tell is, I have a plan, but Allah swt too have a plan for me. It might looks very simple, but because of a one thing, I've been given opportunity to do something else.

Takjub kan.. Subhanallah.

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