Ahad, 26 Februari 2012

Sunbeam on Me

We are at Ipoh. Mat having a coz at the UTP and we back at my mom.

And after 15years, I took the kids for a bus ride to Ipoh. Not reaching the city but we went to the places I really wanted to go but never had the chance: Syarikat Hup Huat Mesin Jahit. What a trip.. Masuk sampai dalam stor! (Hamza wants milk and the shopkeeper brought us there for privacy).

And I bought me self my seventh sewing machine. Hehee, you heard it right people. Seven minus two has been let go (black vintage Singer and Butterfly serger) so now I have five sewing machine at home: Jack the industrial sm, Singer domestic sm, Singer light-battery-function sm, Singer domestic serger and now introducing Sunbeam- straight line, heavy duty function (can sew jeans and thick fabric) and totally mechanical- no electricity needed as I installed the hand-paddle function (instead the leg-paddle with table or the motor). I purposely installed hand-paddled as I kinda like the idea of heavy-duty-portable-non electricity-sewing machine function. I can bring the sewing machine outside the house and sew while the kids play with nature. We hardly face electricity-hicup here in Putrajaya buy if we do, I still can sew then. Hehee…

Okla enough with justifications. It just that I want to spend something for self and the best is another sewing machine. It makes me happy. :D

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  1. wow.. nampak klasik. the lat time I saw this kind of machine many many2 years ago, when I was a liltle kid