Isnin, 23 April 2012

The Gcdc bazaar

Penerangan gambar:
1. On the way to SU, Sg Buloh. Thanks to parent that went to back to kampung and left their big car with us. Hehee :)
2. My booth (second setup). First set up, mannequin pakai Merak but that Merak went to her new family so I put a ringsling instead.
3. Close up booth. Pictures as a display items.
4. Customer trying the baby size Meraks.
5. End of the day. Having lunch at 5pm. With the love of my life.

Alhamdullillah. All went well. In fact it went beyond expected. Syukur-syukur. Alhamdulillah.

Sejujurnya: Ia merupakan keterujaan yang melampau. Dan kecuakan yang terlebih-lebih. Sebab semuanya kali pertama- The bazaar / craft show itself, me meeting customers in real life and having to prepare stuff for sale. Stuff was prepared in a very last minutes. Started all on Tuesday- I set it to be the ring slings day, and from Wednesday onwards jahit Merakss. Konon nk jahit Nuri jugak. But time is too tight, however, alhamdulillah I managed to bring 10 ring slings and a dozen Merak ssc: a baby size, a pre-school size, two toddler size and the rest is standard size. So, I have a total of 22 items up for sale. All prepared by me. Alone. In 4 days. Gila.

Sebab bazaar adalah kali pertama, punyala pecah otak fikir mcm mana nk hias table and display items. My items is not small btw. Takan nk letak seketul-seketul carriers atas table plak kan. So, I decided to take pictures and display the pictures of the carriers instead. Meraks was perfectly done on that morning so, after Suboh, kelam kabut nak menangkap gambar then baru nk set up printer (that I just bought purposely for the event), nk edit gambar and mempackaging kan the Meraks. Yada-yada, 845am gerak dr rumah and arrived at 930am. So, I think just nice as event starts at 10am kan. Btw, Saujana Utama Sg Buloh tu agak jauh jugak. Thanks to Google Maps, jadi kami tidak sesat, walaupon tertanya sesama sendiri, 'boleh pakai ke tak ni' (referring to GM directions).

And sales begin right after I set up the booth. Dan terus menerus. Alhamdulillah. Customers came from my FbPage most of it. Terima kasih sangat-sangat! Sungguh saya terharu. Yang dtg seawal mungkin sbb nk cop pattern, yg hantar wakil sbb tinggal jauh, yg dtg naik teksi dengan anak2 sbb suami kerja, yg dtg right after hari sukan sekolah, yg sms bnyk kali minta disimpankan carrier sbb nk dtg after Zuhur, dan ada tu ckp 'sy nk cuba je tau, tak nak beli' but then end up buying one ;); sungguh, sungguh saya terharu. I din expect such a support. And all one dozen of Meraks fly away to their new home. Alhamdullillah… syukur sangat-sangat!!

Terima kasih pada team Gcdc for the opportunity given even pada mula nya I was a bit reluctant (sbb memikirkan tak de readymade items), Terima kasih pada customers yang ada tu datang dr jauh jugak, Terima kasih kepada suami yang menjaga anak-anak dan redho dengan masakan kedai dan kelamkabutnya rumah for the past 5days, dan syukur pada Allah swt atas SEMUA: peluang, kesihatan dan semua.

And before I end, I wanna share some tips (for setting a booth) that I got from the net:
Craft Show Tip
#01: First impression is everything. Stray from the ordinary when designing your display.
#02: Let your name be heard (or seen). Invest in a banner with your logo.
#03: Don't annoy your neighbors.
#04: Network. Meet other artists and have fun.
#05: Be friendly. Smile and say hello to potential customers.
#06: Be confident. Take pride in telling shoppers about your work.
#07: Observe shoppers. Talk to them about products they're interested in.
#08: Let shoppers sample and try on your products.
#09: Take business cards. Lots of them.
#10: Enjoy urself.

Ok. That's all. Again to family, friends and customers, thank you very much. Terima kasih yang tak terhingga. Syukur, Alhamdullillah! :D


Neeza Zaini

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  1. alhamdulillah, tahniah buat neeza. saya pulak yang teruja..hehe :)