Jumaat, 13 Julai 2012

How to make this Ramadan the best Ramadan - Zohra Sarwari

Life Webinar

Take advantage that Ramadhan is the month Allah swt gives us Oppurtunity to refresh our imaan. Not all got the opportunity to meet Ramadhan.

Step 1: Preparation for Ramadhan:
1) Decorate house to welcome the Ramadhan- its so special, let all the member of the house know about it.
2) Buy gifts / eid prepare early - so that when Ramadhan comes, its time for ibadah.
3) Start reading Quran now so that we can finish when Ramadhan end. Read with meaning, translation. Useless reading the Quran without meaning. We cannot act on it if we dont know the meaning. Its Allah words, how we gonna talk/understand what Allah said without the translation.
4) Makes dua list. Goal what u want to change about urself.
5) Prepare physically and mentally by fasting Monday and Thursday.

Important about Ramadhan:
Teach us Sabar!!! Keep remind urself.. I am fasting.. I'm fasting.. Zikr..
Make dua for self and people instead of swearing or backbiting people.
Jaga lidah, jgn mengumpat.. fasting will not be accepted (hadith add here)
Listen more and talk less.
Obey ur parent even if its inconvenient. Be the best to our parent, family then to the outside people.

Step 2: Write ur goal
What u wanna change. Get rid the bad habits.
- 30mins with the Quran daily
- make full use of the 2/3 night: wake up early before sahur to tahajjud, other solat sunat
- pray right after the adzan
- sabar
- stay away from ghibah and be in good company
- listening to other good islamic lectures

Step 3: Take massive action
Achieve ur goal!

stay in Halaal and beneficial knowledge 
stay away from the bad habit: those that is not good for the soul
Share with community good words- Fb, Twitter

schedule everything u wanna do- 30min Quran after Fajr/Asr
make goal that u can achieve
How to achive: think that tis is the last day/Ramadhan that u hv..
make sure goal are small and achievable.. so that we're not overwhelm..
small thing will create momentum

Give urself a reward - buying urself a good book.. when u achieve something
Preserve the momentum that uve gain during Ramadhan tru out the year till we meet Ramadhan again.

Think: pain vs pleasure 
pain of unable to fast because poor health
pain of not able to reach the nx Ramadhan
Dont take tis for granted.. tis is the best moment to coming back to the deen..
if its go away, it too let..



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