Rabu, 17 Oktober 2012

In rememberance..


LMP: 25 August 2012
doM: 6 October 2012


Something interesting about Gravida 5:

1. Hamza turned 2 on June and later we decided is the best time to add a new member of the family. Been trying from June, and alhamdulillah, I saw the double line in August.

2. Amazingly, I wasnt very sure to do the upt at the first place. Period was late but since I've been wasting a lot of the upt strips the previous month, I decided to wait until day 3, and after d3, tested and its positive. Alhamdulillah..

3. One of my big intention to be in the state of pregnancy is to qhatam the Quran. Alhamdulillah, within that period, I managed to finish chapter 2 to 4. Just about time to masuk chapter 'Hidangan dari Langit', and it seems, tak ada rezeki...

4. On 6sept, I bought a new lens for our camera. Been drooling for years, and I think its just a great time to buy it. I justified buying the lens to capture lotsa our newborn pictures later. The shipment was done on 7sept, according to the seller's receipt however until 1oct, the item failed to arrive. Thus, I made an isthiqarah, asking Allah to give me a sign, either I will get the lens or it will lost somewhere in the transaction. On the night of 6oct, I bleed. I guessed I have received the sign. And yes till today, I dont received any parcel containing any particular lens. Alhamdullilah to Paypal Customer Protection, I've got refund for the mia item.

5. The pregnancy this time around was tiring, so much, I bearly open my eyes once the sun gone. Thus, most night, I went to bed right after Isyak. But no throw up, a bit loya, and I still breastfeeding Hamza like usual. No pain or whatsoever during bf.

6. I went for our first ultrasound on the 1oct. Just to confirm I will see something, not recurrence molar or whatsoever, plus Mat is going for outstation for 10days, I guessed its better for him to also know my state of health. Alhamdullillah, I was confirm pregnant, 5weeks and 2 days and the most interesting part is we saw the sacs. Yes, sacs, not one but two. Same size and as accordance to the age (5w2d). I was expecting to having a twins, if both sacs survived through out the 40weeks of pregnancy period. No heartbeat yet, as it is too early to detect. I was so happy, masya Allah. That was one of the best moment in life :) I was scheduled to see the Doc again after 2 weeks to check for baby/ies heartbeat. Menariknya lagi, baby edd was on 2 jun 2013. That would be our 7th anniversary :)

7. Mat went for outstation that night, so it just me and the kids at home. Both kids are ok. To kill some time, we went jalan-jalan and dine out, from Thursday to Saturday. On Saturday night, 6oct, at 10pm, as I was about to go to bed, I bleed. Not spotting but bleed. Like having menses. Since both kids already sleep, I decided to go to the hospital in the next morning. Thats was the longest night ever.

8. We went to An-Nur straightaway. Bad decision, Doctor on-call was an orthopedic, thus knowing less about OnG. After procedures, I decided to seek for second opinion. We moved to Az-Zahra. Alhamdulillah, they got OnG doctor on call. She scanned and it seems only one sac left. But the size was small unlike the age (6w). And she said I might having a natural miscarriage. She wanted to keep me in ward, but I insisted to go home. I was more worried with the kids since Mat is not around. They took some blood for beta-hcg test, to confirm that I am not having molar, and refer me to the Specialist, on the next day appointment.

9. Monday, going back to the hospital, and was confirmed that both sacs were no longer there. I kept on bleed like having menses and I was pretty sure both sacs were out as I did see some unusual size/shape of discharged. The specialist described my case as having a blighted pregnancy.

10. As for me, 15% was a bit sad with this whole thing BUT 85% was sooo relieved that, Alhamdulillah, it is not molar and with the fact that I did not see any heartbeat, really comfort me. Life goes on as usual.


"Allah mengetahui apa yang dikandung oleh setiap perempuan, apa yang kurang sempurna dan apa yang bertambah dalam rahim. Dan segala sesuatu ada ukuran di sisi-Nya" Ar-Rad, 13:8.

Indeed, Allah knows best! :)


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  1. merujuk pada no 4, lego aku pun sama! hahahahampeh... take care :)

  2. Neeza! Baru baca, and yes life goes on :) mari cuba lg