Selasa, 27 November 2012


Again and again..
The never ending obsession...

This time around, I've been hit by the wrap-bug.
To be precise, Didymos, which I got all of them from eBay (no, I am sorry I not helping anyone to get one for you: tgh puasa ebay sekarang ni.. hehee).

So, this is my stash:
Cross-twill Eva sz4
Cross-twill Lisa sz6
Nino Atlantic Natur sz5
Nino tussah-silk sz5
Nino Augeri Gamelli sz6

The Ninos (stands for nine in, nine out):
Atlantic Natur 100% cotton
Augeri Gamelli 65% cotton, 20% ramie, 15% silk
TSN grad 60% cotton, 40% tussah silk

Some interesting info:
1. Ramie adalah sebatian dari gentian tumbuhan yang dijadikan serat dan digunakan untuk membuat fabric. Macam fabric dr bamboo (buluh) dan hemp (pokok ganja, Ya.. pokok ganja salah satu kegunaan nya adalah untuk membuat sebatian menjadi kain).
2. Textiles made from ramie behave similarly to linen textiles. They are prone to wrinkling and will breakdown if sharply creased, so it is best to fold them loosely and store flat. One advantage ramie has over linen is that it is naturally bacteria- and mold-resistant. It holds dye well, although saturated colors can be prone to crocking, which is discoloration of skin or other fabrics that contact the dyed ramie at stress points or wet areas. Ramie can handle the same heat and agitation as linen.
3.  Augeri Gamelli was bought when I was expecting. Augeri Gamelli is a french words means Welcoming twins, special edition wrap from the didymos, to celebrate the 40th birthday of Didymos twins: Tina and Lisa Hoffmann.
4. Btw, Didymos itself means twins in Greek - after having her twins, Erika Hoffmann needed some help and babywearing was just the thing.
5. Tussah silk is a form of silk from the butterfly cocoon.

Action pictures:

 Hip carry : Eva sz4

Back carry : Liza sz6

Back carry Nino natur

 AG with my 1month niece at kampung

 Front carry AG with Zahra 5yo

 Front carry Hamza 2.5yo in TsN.

What missing now is a baby. Hahaa..


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