Monday, November 26, 2012


To be conscious during salah:

1. Aware what salah u want to do, before angkat takbir, istighfar banyak-banyak: O'Allah forgive me, Ampuni dosa ku ya Allah…

2. Connect with the Fatihah. Be conscious, what you read is as same as what u know and what u want. So here, you hv to know the exact meaning of each and every word.

3. Tumakninah. Each steps must do in relax (not rushing).

4. If u hungry, or wanting to go to the toilet, do that first.

5. For men the best place to attain kusyuk is to salah jemaah, while for the women, it is better to stay home. Women will find peace to ibadah when they're home with the kids.

Statement #5 telah mecetuskan kontroversi, but as a mother of two, pendapat sy sendiri, sy senang solat di rumah, sbb hati memang lebih tenang dari ke masjid/surau. Risau hati bila di surau takut anak buat bising ganggu jemaah lain.


Neeza Zaini

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