Jumaat, 30 November 2012

Socially me..

Satu perkara berkaitan dengan menjadi surirumah sepenuh masa ini, bagi diri saya, ialah, saya tak punya kawan. But then, masa bekerja pun, I dont really have lotsa girlfriends but sekurangnya punyai teman sepejabat. And one thing about me, kawan selalunya adalah kawan semasa. Maknanya, when I am no longer bounded to that particular of event, those friends that I met, will no longer being kept. My treasure is my schoolmate. Mereka la yg still contact men-contact even dh besar panjang ni. Mebe sebab kita grew up sama-sama, we close like siblings.

So, now, what I hv is Mat and the kids. And some cyber-friends which I says Hi, on and off.
No.. tak kisah sebenarnya.. sebab I am not the kind of person yang got attached to relationship. I understand the nature: people come and leave. Jadi tiada gusar di situ. Cuma, masalahnya, bila dh kerap duduk rumah, I think I lost the skill in mingling around and making friends. So, masa Course Divine Link tempohari, what I did was,  just sat with Hamza, smiling to others, until I've been approached by this friendly mama, and she invited me to join this group of stay-at-home mothers get together while kids having some fun-activities. They have meeting every Wednesday morning, and Alhamdullillah, I have my very first meeting with them last Wednesday, where we have an outdoor activity, that is a visit to Taman Botani, Putrajaya.

The activity was fun, for the kids especially. I am not well actually: slight fever and flu, but since I missed the get-together last week, so I make promised to myself I have to join this week, or else, I wont be joining afterall. This is also our first ever trip to Taman Botani. Too close to home,  therefore, we took this taman for granted.. hahaha..

Overall, the activity is great. Kids have fun, making friends. Me too have fun, mingling around. Thanks to my camera, I am busy being the photographer of the day. Hahahaa.. (typical me ;p)

Heres some pictures:

 Taman Botani yo..

 Naik tram pusing taman

 Feed the fishes session..

 Picnic time

 Kids play bubbles and ball

The beauty of being 'photographer of the day': My only picture. Hahaa :D

Salam Jumaat. Thanks for reading :)


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  1. That's nice to have some sort of club to join. Can mingle around and meet people.
    Have fun, dear :)