Ahad, 15 September 2013

Mom sewing machine's

‎Ada 2. 

Satu yg old version black Singer. I think yg ni most house will have one. Even I have one, which I installed the hand mechanism sewing method, intended to use when the electricity is out. I remembered this machine was bought when I was 5yo. And I remembered Mom used to sew baju kurung sekolah and raya using this old buddy. The condition now is as great as it's look. 

‎Second one is a bit canggih: ada zigzag stitches which is essential for making simple sulam. And the cabinet is also awesome. I was about to use the second one till Mom said the stitches are terrible. So this morning I opened the machine to trouble shoot it and after a tweak or two, the machine now is well functioning with good looking stitches. Alhamdulillah. 

I have 5, Mom have 2, arwah Mil have 3. I guess for a sewing machine, one is never enough. Heheee.. 

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