Thursday, September 12, 2013

The comeback

‎Berbulan x menulis and here I am. Return to the blogger. Hahaa.. I tweet a lot while missing. And then rasa apa yg d tweet itu hilang ditelan arus teknologi. And I was also inspired by Lily. I've been reading her blog since like forever and she still writes and writes. 

And d new add is because I want to write for pleasure: sumer benda sumbat sini. Tak de la hal menjahit saja or family saja or about my spiritual journey saja. 

Moga istiqomah. Hahaa.. benda mcm ni pon kena istiqomah jugak, well everything kita buat kena la buat sungguh-sungguh. Kena ada ihsaan dan itqaan. Gitu.. ;)

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