Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Rainbow in my sewingroom

‎By Zahra. 

Oh my, rasa bersalah pulak. 
Lukisan tu dia lukis as one of the activity at the kids-mother room during the AlKauthar course. Well seems she drew it so she got to keep it. 

Sampai rumah letak merata2. Mak kan tengah fasa nesting so I just amik the lukisan and put it in the dustbin (ni memang dah sound earlier: any barang yg 'junk' bersepah-sepah I will just kutip and masuk tong sampah, don't blame me in the future sbb sendiri tak simpan molek). 

They ate wafer just now and waktu dia nk buang plastic cover tu dia nampak her lukisan in the bin. And shouted, 'Ini kakak lukis jgn buang!'
I was in my room, and said back to her, letak merata kan Umi ckp, Umi buang. Simpan elok if u want to keep it. 

Ok, she replied. 

And there she put it. Pandai pulak letak kat my bilik jahit :)

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