Tuesday, November 12, 2013

1day to edd

Esok adalah edd. So what I did today, so far..

Woke up at 5am - Having my usual private moment with Allah swt.
Tido balik jam 645am after a few pages of reciting.
Woke up again at 745am, prepared Zahra nk pergi sekolah.
Mat reminded me that today maybe tak de air (based on the notification from Syabas) so, pagi tu kemas skit rumah cuci apa yg patut, siapkan Hamza and by 1030am I went back to sleep. Hamza self entertain while I sleep.
Woke up at nearly 12pm, tengok air masih ada. Lunch with Hamza, and after Zhur gerak amik Zahra kat sekolah dia kat Bangi.

And now at 3pm, masih tiada tanda-tanda nk beranak. Hehee..
I hope for next week la. Really wanted to join the AlMaghrib class tis weken. Miahahaa..

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