Thursday, November 14, 2013

LR pt2

Frequent update sbb boring. 

So lapar, and the breakfast pun sampai. Weeee.. one huge reason opt for hospital-birthing- food is all well prepared, and anak for the first few days ada la jugak org nk tolong mandikan. Kalo homebirth, I can bet I might be the one prepare my own food (and the whole fam) and mahunya pas bersalin all the mess aku gk yg kemas sendiri. Hahaa.… no kidding bout that tho. 

By 8, nurse dtg and straps my perut with the baby ctg. Bukaan is 2cm mlm tadi. Pagi ni masih 2cm. Huhuu.. 

By 845, Dr Seri dtg masukkan kan ubat. Ok, now must rehat for an hour. And we'll see the progressing. 

I'll update if I hv the energy. ;)

"Fa Inna Maal Ust riyustro. Inna Maal Ust riyustro.."
Tiap-tiap kesukaran disertai kemudahan. Al-Insyirah 5-6. 

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