Jumaat, 17 Januari 2014

Featured in PA&MA

untuk 3 bulan berturut-turut: Disember, Januari dan Februari. :D

I was asked to make a simple tutorial on how to make your own babywearing gear, so here, I made the ringsling, meitai and buckle carrier. Selain menyalurkan ilmu, its also one of a way to help in my business, I view this as a good opportunity in a win-win situation. :))

Dan yang paling special is in January edition as I get to share my experience being pregnant with molar and gone for chemotherapy. I look fat tho as Yahya is 36weeks inside my belly. Hehee ...

I love the fact that the writer quote this:

Thanks to Pa&Ma magazine for the great exposure, hehee.. Alhamdulillah..
A great 2014 start up :D



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